Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Me

Can I meet you for a coffee first?

Of course, whether inside or outside my apartment – my minimum charge of 250 will apply and we can spend time over a pot of tea and see how we get along…

How much notice do I need to give?

I am available 7 days, my phone is on from ten am till ten pm. I prefer 4 hours notice as I prefer to look my cutest and have a fabulous plan, however I understand that you finding the time for you can be tricky so if you feel compelled, call me and I will do my best to make time.

How do you take payment?

Cash is preferred though you can bank transfer, paypal, or credit card.

If meeting in public discreet payment upfront in a quiet manner is required -an envelope is preferable. I will excuse myself directly to check the amount and put it away.

Can you come out?

Yes I am available to visit your hotel or your private home, if you are home alone.

Can I come to yours?

Victoria- to provide an in-call service to a hotel in Victoria is illegal, therefore, you will either provide your home, friends home, hotel or motel, -no campervans, caravans, panelvans, garages, back seats, parks or gazebos please 😉 – or I can provide a venue which is licensed and hires rooms for this purpose.

Outside Victoria – I provide in-call usually to a serviced executive apartment style of accomodation. You can be assured of cleanliness and privacy and discretion.

Or I can outcall services to a venue of your choice hotel or home or restaurant etc.

Do you travel?

Yes, I visit the capital cities of Australia, I spend weekends away in the country and am available in London, San Francisco and Switzerland regularly. If you would like me to travel with you or to you, travel expenses and deposit to be paid upfront.

Do you charge extras?

I do not charge extra, what we do in our time is free to be decided or flowed into unplanned…

Do you have rules?

Cash is preferred though you can bank transfer, paypal, or credit card.

How do you take payment?

I don’t do unsafe or unprotected services everything else I do for fun…