Why Lady Pamela?

Pleasure is my business, and I take pride in my endless exploration of the ways to feel pleasure in my body and find pleasure in another's body.

You will feel immediately comfortable in my presence. Through this rose, as Mistress, I find my way to connect beyond culture and age into the core of a man's experience.

For those who want to do something a little more daring, I have all the gear and all the experience so you feel safe in a new or familiar realm. 

I love sounds and candle wax and needles and electo tickling games, OTK sapnking and flogging and caning and paddles and leather gloves and Fisting, full oilet usage. Heavy corporal punishment is perfect. 

I can have no mercy when there is space to play like that. 

I have an enourmous number of toys

Some for nipples and some for balls, some for botoms, and some for me actually. I can sit in my sessions, a blend of ASMR, erotic, hypnosis, and traditional professional femme, dominant games.


Stay tuned

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